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Ozone Injection Skid

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Ozone Injection Skid
WATERZONE Ozone Injection Skid
Ozone Injection Skid designed to quickly integrate into an existing pressurized water line. Ozone from another source can be very efficiently introduced into the water. Very good mass transfer will be realized, all undissolved gas will be off gassed through degassing vent.
Very efficient with excellent mass transfer of ozone
 ready to install – simply provide ozone gas
Will treat up to 30 GPM
Creates vacuum for ozone injection motive flow
 mall footprint
very affordable!
All stainless steel & Kynar construction
 Simple operation
Built in ozone generator protection device
Flowrates:Up to 30 GPM water flow
Wetted Materials:304 Stainless Steel, Viton & Kynar
Power Required:110V/60Hz (220V/50Hz Available)
Mounting:Can be floor or wall mounted
Maximum Water Pressure:100-PSI (7 bar)
Water Pressure drop at 30 GPM:less than 1 PSI
Dimensions:32-in x 25-in x 16-in (HxWxL) 82-cm x 64-cm x 41-cm
Weight:100-lbs (45 kg)